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Is Telecommuting Really Green?

In the last blog-post we covered the advantages and challenges of telecommuting. Today, we will discuss if working from home is really more Earth-friendly.  Even though how much carbon dioxide you save from working at home depends on how far you live from work, how you get there and the climate you live in, among … Continue reading

What are the green benefits and the challenges of telecommuting?

Telecommuting is booming all over the world, especially in India, Mexico, and Indonesia, where over 30% of workers are claimed to telecommute (2). For those that are not so familiar with this concept, “Telecommuting is the act of working from a remote location, usually one’s home.” (1) Most telecommuters simply rely on e-mail, printers, fax … Continue reading

Heard of Keflavik, Iceland??

In the last two blog-posts we covered the importance of designing a green data center and how reduced power consumption can help you save money and go green at the same time. One of the best and most effective ways of doing this is by co-locating [1] your data centers with other business in places … Continue reading

How Much Can Companies Save By Reducing Power Consumption?

The answer to this question is A LOT!  Take a look at some interesting facts:     –  1000 computer desktops use 880 barrels of oil of 43,180 gallons of gasoline in one year (1)    –  Energy cost of 1000 desktops powered is equal to $90,000 (1)    –  Data centers can consume up to 100 to 200 more energy … Continue reading

Hello world!

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The answer to this question is A LOT!  Take a look at some interesting facts:    –  1000 computer desktops use 880 barrels of oil of 43,180 gallons of gasoline in one year (1)    –  Energy cost of 1000 desktops powered is equal to $90,000 (1)    –  Data centers can consume up to 100 to 200 more … Continue reading

Why is Data Center Design Important for Going Green?

Data Center Design The need for data servers is constantly growing. Take for example Facebook or Google and try to visualise the size and the number of data centers that these companies need to run their daily activities and to process the amount of information available on their webpages. The phenomenon is huge and the … Continue reading

Focus on Object Innovation rather than Idea Innovation for Product Longevity

What is it Product Longevity? Have you ever heard about this term before? Well maybe not the term, but the wording translates the meaning.  Product Longevity in human language simply means the expected live cycle of a product.   “The biggest contribution to green computing today would be to extend the product lifetime. Product longevity … Continue reading

More Reasons For Performing Those Software Updates!

Don’t you get frustrated when each and every single application on your PC (& MAC), Server, Printer.. (the list goes on!) asks you to update the software every other day because they have some bugs fixed? Well, apart from the reason that doing this will keep your systems secure, there is another important reason emerging … Continue reading

Recycle it now.

Have a look at this logo, innovative idea with a real meaning and a twist from me in the title, instead of naming it “IT recycle now”, call it “Recycle it now”.  http://www.itrecyclenow.com/

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