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The answer to this question is A LOT!  Take a look at some interesting facts:
    –  1000 computer desktops use 880 barrels of oil of 43,180 gallons of gasoline in one year (1)
    –  Energy cost of 1000 desktops powered is equal to $90,000 (1)
    –  Data centers can consume up to 100 to 200 more energy than regular office buildings (2)

The good news is that there are ways to help you reduce energy consumption and costs.
          Adjust desktop power mode – Power-saving, hibernating, sleep-mode, power-off
o   Each of these modes require different amount of watts and therefore can be used to adequately monitor power consumption.

          IT infrastructure consolidation
o   Companies can efficiently use their resources by reducing the number of servers, computer and server rooms. This can contribute to reduce their operating costs and save specialized power and cooling systems required for these types of room. (3)
o   Companies can also consolidate data centers and finding efficient power supply. There are some high quality components and advanced engineering that will allow improving the power supply converted between AC and DC power. (2)
However, it is important to recognize that there are several risks involved in not properly managing energy consumption. Reducing energy consumption must be done cautiously to ensure that costs can be reduced without hindering a company’s systems operations. For example, many companies’ IT departments take advantage of computer downtimes to perform system upgrades and patches. This is why it is key to understand the difference between power-off, hibernating, standby and power-saving mode. Additionally, the difficulty lies is designing energy saving strategies without having statistics on metrics such as time computers have been on and consumption per computer.

Given the importance and difficulty in efficiently reducing power consumption, we have identified two companies that can help mitigate these risks and can offer solutions to energy consumption. We invite you to take a look at these companies:



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